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Dr.Paul Lee's Website

My first Android App is now available on the play store, cataloguing thousands of ghost reports in the UK: please look here.

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The Lyrids meteor shower lasts from about April 16th to the 26th but the peak is approximately from the 21st to 23rd; You may see 5 to 20 meteors per hour, averaging about 10 but you could experience surges of 100 per hour.

Please use a star atlas or software, such as the freeware Stellarium, to determine the direction in the sky from which the meteors originate.

Check to see if you can view the Auroral Oval

Name: Paul Lee

  • Date of Birth: 31st October, 1971
  • Email Address: paul@paullee.com
  • Education
    • PhD (DPhil) in Nuclear Physics, University of York, 1997
    • 1st Class BSc (Hons) in Physics, University of Southampton, 1993
    • Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington, 1990
      • A levels: Maths (B), Physics (B), Chemistry (A)
      • S papers: Physics (Merit) and Chemistry (Merit)
    • Eastbourne Comprehensive School, Darlington, 1988
      • GCSEs:
        • A grades: Graphical Communication, English Language, English Literature
        • B grades: Maths, Physics, Chemistry
        • C grades: French, Accounting, Computer Studies
      • CSE:
        • Oral Communication (Grade 1)

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