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The Lost Gardens of Heligan

There are stories of a figure staring over flower pots in the Melon Garden, believed to possibly be a former gardner? A grey lady drifting across the front of the house has also been observed and in the lost valley itself, one witness reported that an immense dark shape appeared in front of them. Footsteps, and doors opening and closing have also occurred here too. It is said that, "The most haunted areas are the rockery, melon garden and fruit store, where some gardeners prefer to work in pairs" - with one of them refusing to lock up the gardens alone at night.

Update 3/2/22: James Stephens the Marketing and Systems Manager replied to my email: "As with many stories, over the years people edit them and other edit them and the original story disappears. One of our co-founder, Sir Time Smit wrote a book about the restoration in the early 1990's and chapter 12 of this book "In the Shadows" refers to paranormal experiences at The Lost Gardens. To answer your question though, there haven't been any recent reports of such activities occurring in at least a decade."

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