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Plymouth Gin

A young girl, called Lucy, has been seen in various locations around the building, while in the Still Room there is Charles, and a prostitute named Elizabeth and a figure resembling a monk have also been spotted. A ghost known as "The White Lady" has been seen to the rear of the building, usually as dusk; she may be a phantom distinct from the female spectres mentioned above. She is said to have been the owner of a nearby cottage. There are stories of the sensation of being pushed and of cobwebs on the face in her presence. The ladies toilets are also reputed to be haunted, after a woman was stabbed there.

Update 13/12/21: The establishment responded to my Facebook query: "We have just been in contact with a member at our Plymouth Gin Distillery who has told us that we may have 3 ghosts. The last person to see a ghost was our painter and decorator last November."

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