The Old Reel Cinema

Although the building is no longer a functioning cinema, there are plans to (possibly) convert it into a leisure centre. When it was operational, a lady has been seen at the back of Screen Two where a man has been seen in the front few rows; and a woman wearing 1940s era clothing has been seen sitting in the front two rows of an unspecified auditorium; customers who have sat in "her" seat report feelings of unease and of being watched, as well as becoming ill. In Screen One, a playful child has been seen and cold spots experienced. Screen Three also once had "a shape" in the doorway. "Emily" is also said to haunt the Theatre Royal, which stood on the site; she killed herself in one of the dressing rooms. There is also "a strange young man" walking around. A lady in 2010 was startled when someone knocked on her toilet cubicle door, but no-one was there upon investigation; strange noises and a dryer that activates by itself have also been noted.

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