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Smugglers Haunt Hotel

A number of alleged paranormal occurrences have been reported here, including footsteps, the ghost of Agnes, or "Aggie", who jumped to her death from a window a long time ago, a phantom wedding dress (!) in a cupboard, light bulbs blowing, doors opening, television sets being turned on despite being unplugged, an old lady in a rocking chair and man in a cloth cap and long raincoat, among others.

Update 26/1/22: I emailed the hotel asking about recent occurrences and Mark Williams, the owner replied; "Unfortunately you are speaking with two totally non believers and as such we haven’t seen / heard anything out of the ordinary whilst we have been here (5 years). Neither have we had any reports from paying guests even though some of them fully expect to see/hear/feel something, having read the same websites as yourself."

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