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Lanhydrock House

The grey lady, "Isabella" has been seen. She has been identified as the 2nd wife of John, the 2nd Baron Robartes. Her husband kept her hidden away from others, and her phantom roams the house. The other ghost is thought to be another Lady Robartes who was rescued from fire at the house; although she survived she only lived a few days, succumbing to the shock. Her husband did not survive long afterwards. There may also be a third female phantom in the mansion, but details are lacking. Children's voices have been heard coming from the nursery, and in the billiards room, a phantom with a ruddy complexion, and looking guilty has been seen crouching. Cigar smoke has also been detected in the gentleman's smoking room, with no detectable cause.

Update 13/9/21: The Lanhydrock Facebook team replied, "We have nothing to report for you."

Link: Cornwall Live

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