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The Black Dog Inn

Spectral smugglers have been seen here, fighting over the ill-gotten gains; additionally, a man in a trilby hat, thought to be a previous landlord, has also been observed, as has a shadowy female form. The smell of stew, tobacco, burnt candles and a paraffin heater have also been detected here. Guests who have stopped here mention their hair being tugged, and one even heard a voice saying "Hello"! Other reported phenomena include footsteps, a mysterious crash upstairs, items going missing (some never to be seen again), books flying off shelves and interference with electrical items, along with many others!

Update 17/12/21: Responding to my Facebook request for recent events, I was told, " we don’t like to say too much about what happens here but we will say that there is very much a spiritual presence here at the black dog, nothing horrible but there are experiences often of unexplained occurrences!"

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