Arreton Manor

The ghost here is said to be Annabelle Leigh, who was thrown from the building's highest window and is especially active in the room from which she was hurled. She is said to have been killed by her brother after she witnessed him suffocating their father.

Update 4/1/22: Nathalie Pulford, the owner of the manor, responded to my email request for any recent phenomena: "...our home is not haunted and it has been a true slog to try and remove this exceptionally happy manor from such a dark reputation as it really does not deserve it. As I assailed you must know, our home has a rich history probably going back to Roman times but definitely since Alfred The Great who recorded Arreton Manor when he left it to his second son. Belonging to the monarchy except for 400years when it was given to Quarr Abbey only to be taken back by Henry VIII, the manor was always an extremely prominent house on the island. I believe that these rumours started to bring disrepute to the family who lived here about 450 years ago for several reasons which I do not have the time to go into. I am constantly having to deal with these kind of emails and even have to ask people to leave our private grounds because of their need to explore such things which is preposterous as it interferes with my family’s security and comfort."

Link: Isle of Wight County Press

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