The Victoria Hotel

The previous proprietor of this building, Mark Dominey who left in early 2021, told me, "whilst I had it coffee cup slid slowly along the bar whilst I was playing darts after closing, every night I locked up and went up to accommodation as I reached first floor the meeting room door opened slightly making a swishing noise, this happened every night without fail, I had the lock on the door fixed and locked it, however, every night the same noise but without the door opening ... we did catch on the monitor what looked like a line of men marching through the lounge. One night my barmaid was in lounge bar talking to a customer and in front of both of them the tongs on the bar rose into air and shot across the other end of the bar, the customer actually stopped using the pub. Also, at the end of each week I have to print off a report and senf to head office on Monday, however, my computer and printer broke and couldn’t be fixed so was told to unplug both and an engineer would be out Monday to fix, when I got up on Monday the correct paperwork was printed off yet the computer and printer were unplugged and still not working, these are some of the incidents I can remember off the top of my head. There are a lot of soldiers names carved into brickwork which they did before going to war."

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