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New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

The rarely seen ghost of Henry Rutley has been seen in the theatre, which he founded in 1856. A ghostly soldier is sometimes seen in one of the boxes, and he is associated with a very cold blast of area felt in the area. An actor who slit his own throat in a dressing room at the end of the 19th century is supposed to haunt that location; footsteps, whispers, sighs and lights that switch on and off have been reported here.

Update 29/11/21: The theatre responded to my Facebook query about recent phenomena as follows: "Obviously the building has not long returned to full operation since our enforced Covid closure. However we have had some experiences that I know of over the past 5/6 years or so. The dates maybe slightly out as accounting for Covid seems to have thrown everything out." When I asked for more details, I was told, "I've experienced the swinging door in the office (upper circle bar), and my previous Assistant heard the 'singer' one morning when opening up." The 'singer' is a ghost that this author is not aware of and hopefully more details can be ascertained soon.

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