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Ahead to Toe

A client was pinned to a wall for five minutes after getting out of the shower; also, the sound of children running around around, a door being flung open and items being thrown around have been reported, as has a man in a mustard-coloured suit.

Update 30/11/21: The proprietors responded to my Facebook query for recent events; "There has been the odd things but to be honest I’m completely used to them ... yes it’s a very old building and time is just a measurement for human understanding!" A few days later, further details were provided; " It’s been really quiet for ages until last year when Christmas decorations where being taken out of the loft ... all the lights turned off and the emergency lighting didn’t work ... the kettle was filled with water and the tap turned off but then the tap down stair went on, the stereo recently turned themselves on, things have been dropped and you can clearly hear it but nothing is there when you look, shadows walking past doors and yesterday [2/12/21], a Victorian lady sitting in a chair, there are solid patches of cold. A woman walking around with heels which has been reported to us when we were not in the salon !! Lots more small things... like everything that had a battery didn’t work yesterday but works today ???"

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