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The Druids Head

A nun, a hooded monk and a woman in a red dress haunt this pub. Knockings were once heard on the wall between the kitchen and lounge but no-one was there, bottles and glasses move by themselves, and lights would go on and off by themselves. King George IV is also reputed to haunt the tunnel that runs from this pub's cellar to the Pavillion; certainly a "stumbling" noise has been heard in the sealed area of the cellar, and bottles and glasses have been interfered with. These phenomena are blamed on the ghost of a smuggler who died in this area; he was shot at by a customers officer and fell down the steps where he died.

Update 26/2/22: Liv Bryant replied to my email asking about any recent phenomena: "I believe almost everyone working within the pub has had their own personal experience with weird goings on. There has been a lot of stories I have heard from others and times which have been very strange for me too. We have a Ghost walk which starts at our pub every week and they go into the detail about what has happened years ago to potentially cause this, and they have told us that we are the most haunted pub in Brighton."

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