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The Brighton Beer Dispensary

When this was "The Prince Arthur Pub", a shape with a misty, pale grey colour was seen in the kitchen out of the corner of the eye. Footsteps and other noises were also heard, and items were said to move around by themselves - including the owner's cup of coffee, which vanished for a time and reappeared in another area of the room! The cellar is also the source of odd noises; a mumbling noise was heard and a "shrill sound" (described as sounding like a knife being dropped onto a plate) was also detected by staff upstairs - but on investigation, there was no-one down there to account for such a noise.

Update 17/2/22: The pub responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "the only spooky incidents that we have here is that beer seems to disappear after people buy a pint (!)"

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