The Crown Hotel

The most famous phantom here is "The Lady in Black", who is usually to be seen on the first floor. Dressed in black crinoline, reports date back to the 18th century. On one occasion, a worker followed whom she thought was a colleague, who was wearing a black dress, into a room but there was no one there; when she called out for her friend, she answered back from a room further up the corridor. Another time, a worker who was standing on a chair hanging pictures observed a black skirt behind her, but no one was there when she turned around. An attempt was made to exorcise the ghost by a psychic - without success, it seems. Another famous phantom is a highwayman, who was shot dead while trying to rob the hotel in the 18th century. He has been seen in the bar area and "flitting through the restaurant." He was killed in the courtyard, the nearby stable block becoming the Sealy Suite, the hotel's function hall. It is in this section that an unusual phantom has been reported - a horse's head emerging from the toilet wall!

Update 25/2/22: Jack O’Donoghue a the hotel replied to my query for any recent phenomena: "Unfortunately we have had no reports of any activity since we had our refurbishment 4 yers [sic] ago"

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