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The Devil's Stone Inn

A 7 year old girl in a white smock is said to haunt this pub, and a man in a grey beard has also been seen here too; he is believed to be the girl's father. Footsteps, pictures falling from walls, light bulbs being turned on and blowing, beds being disturbed, beer taps being activated and windows being opened have also been experienced here. In late 2021, the new publicans gave an interview to the press, where they said "We have three resident ghosts. One's a little girl who perished in a fire in the left hand wing. There's a guy who's been seen in the dining room that looks like a old coachman with a red jacket and tricorn hat. Lastly, there's a grumpy old man that sits at the bar, but locals joke there are a few candidates who would fit in that role over the years." They had experienced strange things, but nothing ominous since they took over in April that year, such as, "Taps have been turned on in the night and I came down one morning to find a pool of water, even though the ceilings were bone dry."

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