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Tudor House and Garden

Scraping noises, footsteps, a heavy fire door slamming, a table being moved and a bell ringing have been noted here. Dark figures and the spectre of a woman in Tudor garb have also been seen. A figure in the cellar was seen to leave via a long-bricked up doorway and thermal imaging equipment is said to have picked up the image of a man in a chair; there is also one room that dogs refuse to enter. In the past, police were often called to the building when neighbours noted that the lights were on and shadows had been seen passing by the windows. A medium was called in and she claimed that it was due to a bored spirit. Afterwards, the spirit is said to have been banished by giving it a ball to play with - but other phenomena persist...

Update 11/8/21: Kavita Ladher, the Customer Support Assistant at Southampton City Council responded to my query for recent events and asked her colleagues for any sightings. In 2018, on a routine check of the House when the worker at "Front of House" he was watching the CCTV cycle and saw what he perceived to be a man wearing black pants and sweater ducking down behind the graffiti screens; "Definitely a human figure!" The volunteer upstairs was asked to check out the sighting - it turned out he was the only person upstairs and had been for at least half an hour. The same year, a worker [perhaps the same?] was on his own locking up the House, after all the visitors and volunteers had left, and he heard dice rattling in the Georgian Room, which was used as a recreational space and a painting studio in the Georgian era. On a ghost hunt a year later, furniture was heard being dragged in the attic. However, there was no furniture there and the worker, who had elected to be part of the hunt, was the only one with keys. After the evening's evenings and the crew were locking up, one worker heard someone banging on the door to the workroom. There were only two people in the building at the time, and the other was two rooms away."

Link: Daily Echo

Link: Daily Echo

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