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The Mermaid Inn

Two spectral sword fighters have been seen in room 16; after fighting fiercely, one of the men is run through and the victor drags his opponent to the corner of the room, disappering through a wall where there is a fire escape and passage that leads down to the bar; after this, the scene vanishes. "Light anomalies" have been reported in this room, too. Other ghosts include a "chubby man" who sits on the edge of people's beds; a young woman who was murdered in the 18th century by the Hawkers (or Hawkhurst) Smugglers Gang when they felt she knew too much about their operations; and a female form seated in a chair near the fireplace in room 1 (clothes left on this chair are found to have become damp overnight). However, some versions of this tale say that this happened in room 17 and that a guest woke in the night to see the chair rocking by itself - it is said that the chair has since been removed. Additionally, in room 10, a man was seen to walk through the bathroom wall and across the room before vanishing when he met the wall behind the bed; the couple who witnessed this spent the night asleep downstairs on the couch and refused to return to the room. Room 18 is the haunt of an old man, while in room 5, a dark haired young woman has been seen. In room 19, a man in old fashioned clothes has been claimed (perhaps the "Chubby Man" above?); a guest who stayed in the room saw the figure sitting at the end of her bed, and in a state of terror, she retired to a nearby room with "the matress pulled around her head"! A barman also experienced the unnerving sight (possibly in room 16?) of all the bottles falling off the shelf - he left very soon afterwards!

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