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Marwell Hall

A familiar legend of the Mistletoe Bough, is attached to this building; a newly wed lady, wearing a sprig of mistletoe suggested a game of hide and seek to her companions but they were unable to find her. Years later, an oak chest was opened to reveal the skeletal remains of the bride; the casket could only be opened from the outside and she had perished; it is said that her spectre is to be seen in the upstairs rooms seeking her new husband. Another story, perhaps connected to this, is that on 27th December after 11pm, a large group of young people could be seen rushing around the building - perhaps looking for the missing bride? Also around the building and in Yew Tree Walk the spectres of Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour are said to walk.

Update 20/9/21: The staff at the Hall responded to my Facebook query about any recent phenomena; "We've not had any recent reports of ghostly/haunted activity, however if this changes we'll be sure to let you know!"

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