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ASK Pizzeria

God Begot House's has the sound of crashing heard in the cellar.

A newspaper article in late 2021 revealed that a previous owner had had the building exorcised as dogs wouldn't enter one particular room, while knocking would be heard on doors but no one would be on the other side. The current restaurant manager, H Kash revealed that "you will hear stuff" and get the feeling that there is someone else there, and music turns itself on and off. Staff have heard whisphers in their ears and a cleaner had their hair pulled while alone in the building. A helium balloon had been left upstairs and it followed the cleaner (whether it was the same one mentioned before was not mentioned) from upstairs and down to the kitchen. Kash says that "nothing harmful happens, just enough to say 'we are here.'" He also says that 80% of the activity comes from upstairs; while up there, he demonstrated to a journalist how a menu had been lifted up by invisible forces before falling to the floor, while a little girl sat at the same table felt someone hold her hand.

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