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The Theatre Royal

There are reputedly three visible ghosts in this building; "The Man in Black" is the most active and is seen in the circle after the end of the final performance of the day. This ghost is John Simpkins, who helped with the theatre when it opened in 1914 and had an office which now has a blocked off door through which the ghost passes. It is said that his ghost stops to examine a plaque that he insisted should bear his initials as well as his brother's - but his sibling refused. The second ghost is a boy who worked in the theatre but who was killed while serving in World War 1, appearing as a portent to his girlfriend who was a chorus girl in the building. The third ghost is described as a vague female form who appears on stage.

Update 4/12/21: Gail, the Sales and Audience Experience Assistant, replied to my email asking about recent happenings: "Not enough to report, I'm afraid."

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