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The George Hotel

The "best" concentration of ghost reports seem to focus on the stairway and the corridor leading to room 6, which include a black cat, adults and young children. The most "consistent" phantom is of a World War 1 soldier dressed in khaki, accompanied by the sound of horses trotting in the courtyard.

Update 14/2/22: Coral Tyack, the Office Manager replied to my email regarding possible recent activity: "Yes, guests have been reporting occurrences they can not explain. We recently had a guest show us a photo they took with an apparition was visible and housekeeping staff have spoken of seeing unexplainable things." I sought clarification, noting that most previously reported locations are now reporting nothing; "Some guests have said in the last 6 months that they had knocking on there door, heard people talking in hallway but no one around (our hallways are very creaky, and you would hear someone walking by). Staff members have felt someone behind them, and one housekeeper said she saw a man at the end of a hallway, at the time we had no guests in early January. Your correct we haven’t had as much activity in recent months or to be honest it was more active before covid and now it’s very spasmodic, we can go ages before a guest comment on what they consider an “Unusual”occurance. Or it could be wishful thinking on the guest’s behalf, who knows for sure unless you see it yourself." In a return email, I said that the initial information came from a book about Wiltshire's haunted pubs and hotels and received the following: "Yes, the author gave us a copy of the book. Room 6 did have the most activity, including the tavern bar and function room. We had various paranormal investigations throughout the years. Had a lady who said a cloud like smoke crossed the ceiling in room 21, our resident Mike had a photo of lights coming under the door from room 6 and no one was in there. Had guests say they heard children running up the 1st floor hallway. I live on site and a portable wardrobe fell on me during the night with no probable cause, and TV’s just turn on as your walking past rooms. There is a stone from Stonehenge in the courtyard, that gentry used to get into their couches and people did say they heard carriages from time to time. But these were back in 2017,2018 and 2019, sadly not much activity lately. It is like the spirits have departed or just keeping quiet."

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