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The Well

Originally called Cannard's Grave and then Cannard's Well, a former landlord received goods stolen by highwayman and smugglers but when he tried his hand at forgery, he was detected and rather than surrender, he committed suicide. His body was buried at the nearby crossroads. It is said that he is seen at the pub and nearby roads, clutching at a "sawn off rope around his neck" and behaving manically.

Update: 17/7/21: Hannah, a worker at the inn, told me via Facebook: "Ah yes, our building is spoke of a lot! We still have the well situated in the middle of the restaurant, where supposedly one of the landlords used to throw the bodies down, I’ve heard a few odd things, especially when I am alone in the building, mainly footsteps upstairs and doors shutting with a bang when I know no one else is around, only the other day me and the owner were having a chat in the office and someone knocked on the door; of course when he opened it there was no one there. People have claim to have felt cold spots, particularly upstairs on the top most landing."

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