The White Hart

The ghost here is nicknamed "Henry" and is believed to be a former landlord; the licensees feel that he may be upset for the renovation work performed without asking his permission! His presence (normally signified by some activity) is heralded by a musty smell of body odour. A fast moving "vapour trail" has been seen behind the bar, where a measure was captured on CCTV moving by itself. Waiters have reported being touched and scratched and the landlady felt a hand around her leg, "fingers and thumb gripping it" as she was getting something out of the safe. In addition, a customer felt something invisible tug on her bag in the toilet, dishes have been found lined up in the morning, kitchen staff have reported things being thrown at them, the freezer and ice machine open and close by themselves, noises have been heard in the hall, and the landlord was locked out of the pub when he went out for a cigarette.

Link: Daily Mirror

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