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An old manager was called by the police to attend to the store when the burglar alarm activated during the night. Unable to leave his young son at home alone, he took the child with him, picking up a pile of stickers from home for the boy to play with while the was in the store. However, neither the manager nor the police could find any sign of a break-in; during this time, the Woman PC who had looked after the child said that the boy had observed an old man, floating two feet off the ground and who had then glided out of the shop; the old man was invisible to the lady. The stickers were left on the staircase when the group left. When the manager opened the store the next day, the stickers were found affixed to the inside of the shop window in a circle. A Muslim security guard who went to prayer in the building was pushed to the ground by two hands when at the bottom of the stairs. He was alone in the shop and refused to work there again. Workmen who were painting pillars were pulled away and felt the sensation of being stroked on the back of their necks and also experienced "circular motions" on their scalps. Additionally, the kettle used to turn itself on and off, the lift moves between floors by itself and the internal phone would ring out with no-one on the other end. Running water was once heard, accompanied by a dragging sound coming from the staff toilets. Again, there was no-one there when the manageress checked.

Update 13/12/21: The bookstore replied to my Facebook query: "We've only been back in our current site since November 2019, and although we've heard the same rumours about the building, I'm afraid there haven't been any further sightings or occurrences since then."

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