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Polesden Lacey

A "monk-like figure" in a brown cloak has been reported here, standing on a wooden bridge in the grounds. The Nun's Walk in the grounds has been known to experience sudden and unexplained gusts with strange whistling noises heard too; some reports talk of a grey mist that races along the path.

Update 23/9/21: Hannah at the Hall replied to my Facebook query, "Luckily I happen to live in staff housing in the mansion, so you're talking to someone with 24/7 insight into the house and gardens! Unfortunately, I can't say I've ever come across anything spooky either inside or outside the house. This did spark a conversation in the office, and we all have different areas we get a weird vibe from, but none of them seem to match, and definitely no hooded figures as I've seen people mention online!"

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