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Ightham Mote

Chilly areas, and a female phantom have been encountered here. She is thought to be Dame Dorothy Selby, who is suspected of sending a warning letter to her cousin Lord Monteagle telling him not to attend Parliament on November 5th, 1605 - thus saving his life and helping to uncover the Gunpowder Plot. As revenge, the conspirators bricked her up alive. An "unearthly chill" is said to be experienced in the tower. Another guest is said to be a servant girl, who had an affair with a priest. Their employer, Sir Thomas Browne, was furious and the priest took his own life. Browne is said to have murdered the girl and bricked her up in a wall.

Update 10/3/22: Sarah Lockett, Business Services Co-Ordinator replied to my query for any recent phenomena: "I have asked the team and unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it), we have had no reports of ghostly or odd phenomena at the property in recent years."

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