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Knole House

A "finely dressed woman" has been seen walking down The Duchess Walk (an avenue of chestnut and oak trees to the north of the Gate House) in the grounds; she is said to be Lady Anne Clifford, the Duchess of Cumberland. Her husband married the Third Earl, whose lavish lifestyle bankrupted them. A cottage in the park has a vague, human shaped form on the staircase. A "Black Night" is also said to ride silently in the area when misfortune is about to descend upon Knole.

Update 12/9/21: The House responded to my Facebook request saying, "I've spoken to some of the staff here at Knole and no one knows of any reports recently." The House provided a link to a website detailing oral histories and one story was given by regular visitor Vic Paler. The date of the interview was 2014 and Vic reports his aunt working at the house from 1946 until she died, but no other dates were provided: "...although a part of the house was modern, added on to the older part of the house, their daughters lived, had their bedrooms, in the old part of the house, and one night they could hear footsteps and this apparition came through and he was floating but there were still footsteps and of course they were screaming for their mum and dad but... I don’t know, because the parents didn’t wake up? And so they decided to move after that! ... [the figure] was dressed in a long cloak, and, you know, a pointy hat or something." Vic seemed to be referring to a cottage in the grounds of the park, which was a pub during the Civil War but became part of the estate. During the conflict, a man, probably fleeing from the roundheads had a bag of gold, and was murdered and thrown down a well. The ghost would awaken if the area around the well was disturbed; people working in the garden would look up and see somebody looking at them.

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