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The Coach House

A female figure has been seen walking through the front door before disappearing, and glasses have fallen from shelves.

Update 21/2/22: I emailed Katie Francis, the landlady and inquired as to any recent phenomena: "Strange you should email when you did as on the same day a staff member reported hearing a ladies voice in the upstairs living accommodation of the coach house yet when investigating no one was found to be there other than a shadow that passed the top of the stairwell whilst they were at the bottom, Other than that nothing that I’m aware of and I myself haven’t seen or heard anything." In further correspondence, I mentioned the notes (above) but was told that she is unsure where the original front door would have been! However, she did note, "I have had glasses fall off of shelves but at the time thought nothing of it until your email. I will be more conscious of the previously reported lady and will let you know if she makes an appearance. "

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