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The Chequers

After hearing two Roundheads discussing battle plans, an Cavalier named Edward was hung in the barn and his ghost is still said to walk here.

Update 21/9/21: Liz replied to my Facebook query as follows: "I do not believe we have had any sightings recently of "William" however we do regularly have customers who do not want to dine in there. We choose to think that this is possibly because they are sensitive to certain feelings. I always make sure to say good morning and goodnight to him and often feel odd as I say night." When asked about William, I was told the tale above, but with a different name: "In 1643 the civil war came to the area, Ightham which is close to the pub and Sevenoaks saw some uprising. The story goes that William a young Cavalier overheard two Roundheads discussing plans and they hung him from the barn rafters. As to what he does, I am not sure. I haven't heard of any ghostly going ons at all."

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