The Vyne

There are a multitude of reports here: some, but not all visitors in a group have seen a lady seated on a chair, her head "bowed in prayer"; another incident involved a member of staff being pushed into the back of a cleaner's cupboard and the door slammed on them; and recently, staff have heard footsteps running up to the stairs to a room where team members had gathered to discuss their research on Sir Charles Chute and the First World War. The ghost failed to open the door and enter, and when the staff asked jokingly if it could at least help with their research rather than just stand there, a male voice replied, "Yes, I can!" There was no-one else in the building at the time. In addition, during one Christmas period, a worker was putting up decorations when she heard a man cough behind her; no one else was in the vicinity at the time. Understandably, the worker fled!

Update 24/1/22: Linda Dewhurst, the Business Services Co-ordinator for the Vyne replied to my query about recent happenings: "While we are aware of the various 'old tales' there have been no recent occurrences that we’re aware of."

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