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The Cross Guns

A "Grey Lady" and a "Blue Lady" in Victorian garb and staring eyes haunts this pub - they may be the same ghost though. The Blue Lady is seen within a room or two and the garden and was once seen coming out of the wall in the ladies toilets; recent alterations to the pub means that the phantom now passes through the men's toilets! Lights flitting around, shadowy figures, a portly Victorian housekeeper, an 18th century man seated on a settee and a hooded figure, thought to be a monk in the fireplace and a now sealed entrance to the cellars are some of the other phenomena reported here.

Update 28/2/22: Carole replied to my Facebook query about any recent ghosts: "Definitely a few inexplicable bumps and noises but I am not sure and thing as sensational as the lady in blue has been seen for a while." A few days later, I received a follow-up message obtained from the manager who said "YES!! " when my correspondent asked if there were ghosts present. She elborated; "Something/someone is definitely in the bar. To the point that we were discussing ghost stories and experiences at the bar one night and the lights completely went out. Not just a flicker, OUT. Never happens before or since, just that night we were taking about ghosts. Then as I walked through the pub to investigate something fell off the wall as I walked by. It was quite the evening! Nothing malicious and never felt scared but there is certainly someone listening in and saying hello. Previous people still talk about the lady in the toilets too. Not many details but she wears a blue dress...!"

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