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The White Bear

A housekeeper noticed that a Bible had been left open on the floor of one of the rooms. When she left the room and returned momentarily, she found the book on the shelf! The landlady at the time, Fiona, heard a man's voice call her name - this was confirmed by the afore mentioned housekeeper. There was no one around to account for this. Items have gone missing or been found moved (such as workmen's tools, left overnight during refurbishment); there have also been shadows sighted behind the bar and it is thought that the ghost walks from the direction of the men's toilets and passes through an office, which used to be a dining room. Other phenomena include a cold spot in the office, which couldn't be explained.

Update 3/3/22: Georgina replied to my Facebook query about any recent phenomena: "Yeah I have somethings that have happened to myself we had a wine cooler filled with cutlery pushed off a table and a few pints have been seen flying off tables with no one near them!!"

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