The Long Arms

A little boy has been seen in the premises by customers who compliment the bar staff on his behaviour - only to be told that there is no such boy. Additionally, there have been sightings of a little black and white dog, which customer's children chase around, and people attempt to pick him up, only to find that there is nothing there. Two men wearing black and white clothes and big black hats have been seen in the garden; on one occasion, they were seen bending down and putting apples into a cart. When the landlord went on honeymoon, he asked his dad to look after the pub, but deliberately didn't tell him of the ghost stories. When he returned, his dad mentioned seeing two men in the garden and when he described their attire, the landlord, Rob though, "Oh my God (!)" Apart from these visible apparitions, CCTV footage has caught a glass shattering on a shelf, people have been pushed on the back of their heads into the toilets, items have moved around, the kitchen door opens as if someone is about to enter, and "things" have been seen, but when people look back, nothing is there. Interestingly, a newspaper article states that, "An old photograph of a former landlord called George standing next to a small black and white dog hangs from a wall inside - so whenever something 'unnatural' happens, they just say 'you alright George?'"

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