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The Hind's Head

A drunk who was incarcerated in a lock-up to sober up but who instead burnt to death has been said to walk the grounds of this pub.

Update 20/1/22: Thomas Martin, the General Manager of the hotel responded to my query for any recent occurrences: "We have had some customers talk of odd feelings etc and one of my team told me there was a figure sat in the corner while we were working. I am yet to see anything but I am perhaps a touch sceptical." I inquired further and obtained more information three days later; "The member of staff was roughly 3 months ago. We were sat doing some work in our snug and as we finished she mentioned that there had been a man sat in the corner watching us work all day. Beyond the description of a male i didn't really get much else. I am told that there are figures, usually of pilots, that pass the function room. These tend to be regular enough for me to remember them."

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