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Chatham Dockyards

The historical dockyards has a number of ghost stories associated with it. A man wearing a hat and long coat, a sailor "stomping" around aboard HMS Gannet, a "spanish-looking man" in the exhibitions area and a grey lady have been reported; this latter phantom has a habit of poking people in the back. A lady who hung herself on the banister in the Commissioner's House is reputed to haunt the location, and three young boys and two girls seen on the stairs are amongst other phantoms. A fast-moving black shape like an animal was also reported. The most famous ghost is that of a young Admiral Nelson before he lost his arm and eye. He has been seen walking around the dockyard with an air of confidence. Many of the buildings here have had reports of spectral activity.

Update 12/9/21: Pam Wood, the Visitor Experience Manager informs me, when asked if there had been any recent phenomena replied, "the answer is a resounding yes."

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