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Littlecote House Hotel

A ghost in a pink nightdress carrying a dead baby in her arms has been seen; the "Pink Lady's" identity is unknown but she may be connected to Will Darrell, known as "Wild Will", who was the owner of Littlecote and was once arrested - but acquited - for murdering his child by throwing it on the fire as soon as it was born. After his trial collapsed, Darrell was found dead on a path and the legend is that the ghost of his murdered baby appeared in front of him, causing his horse to rear up, throwing him off his steed and breaking his neck. Additionally, a bloodstain has, it is said, stubbornly refused to be washed away and screams have been heard in the hotel in the early morning. Wild Will has also been seen in the corridors of the house. Other reported ghosts include that of a black dog on the Jerusalem staircase, a lady in the Chinese room, a lady with a rushlight and 'Mother Barnes,' the lady who delivered the child mentioned above. There are also tales of a man's collarbone and some ribs being broken when a ball of white light pushed him against the wall; camera equipment refusing to work in the long gallery; mobile phones ceasing to work; rooms feeling "icy cold"; and the organ in the chapel playing at 3.00 a.m. The gardens are also said to be haunted, by a woman dressed in a fashion from after Will's time, and Darrell's spectre has been seen riding his horse on misty mornings through Shefford Woodlands. There are also said to be roman soliders, and black shrouded figures outside the hall. However, it has been reported that when Warner Holidays took over the hotel, the ghosts stopped appearing.

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