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Arnos Manor Hotel

A ghostly maid in "old fashioned clothing", an old man in a tweed suit in the cellar, a phantom nun walking the corridors and, in guest rooms, figures in grey habits have been seen. Scratching and whispering sounds, a door being rattled and a basket of toiletries being hurled into the air have also been experienced. Most of the reported phenomena are said to occur in room 160.

Update 23/2/20: Staff member Livia replied to my email, telling me, "I personally do not now [sic] any stories to help you."

Further Update: in late 2021, Arnos Manor’s general manager, Kamil Karys, and group sales manager of parent company Crest Hotels, Sarah Tunnadine were interviewed by the press. Sarah said, "We have visitors frequently to investigate any paranormal activity that takes place. That doesn’t mean anything is proven 100 per cent of the time. But everyone thinks they’ve seen something in the corner of their eye. Even my employees have that feeling more than anyone else." Kamil added, "We have the ghost of a little boy, a little girl, a priest and a nun. We have the presence of four ghosts in the hotel. But is it true or is it not? Personally, I’m not a believer. But the one story that stands out the most was something that happened to one of our employees that no longer works here. She was finishing her shift at 11 o’clock at night and while she was heading to clock out with a machine and a female voice whispered in her ear, 'here, here'. She came back shaking and her face was so pale because she was frightened. We had to walk with her back home." The article further said that the two managers 'have emphasised that the staff do not have any involvement in the discussions that others may have about Arnos Manor’s spooky background.' It is clear that the hotel does not seem keen to encourage or report any ghostly sightings.

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