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Ashton Court

Grey ladies floating through doors, a headless horseman circling the grounds on moonlit nights, phantom hounds and a window banging open despite being nailed shut are some of the phenomena here. The ex-estate manager had his chair shoved while he was seated on it, and he also heard creaking and footsteps during an overnight stay. Workers who were renovating the mansion years ago would arrive each morning to find their tools scattered around.

Update 5/8/21: The estate responded to my email message by saying, "I'm afraid we haven't had any reports in recent years. There is a rumour that there was an incident which builders witnessed, however we have had builders in fairly regularly since the 1970s." When asked about the rumour, I was told, "We believe some tools had been moved from where they were originally left when the builders came back from lunch."

Link: Bristol 24/7

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