BBC Bristol

Technical problems in the 1980s were blamed on poltergeist behaviour.

Update 21/1/22: Jonathan replied to my Facebook query for recent phenomena: "When I used to do the late shift, several of my TV colleagues reported seeing things in the corridors near the Points West studio when they were doing the late bulletins in the evening. The studios are tacked on to the original Georgian buildings that front Whiteladies Road, and I do find it a bit creepy down there on my own but I can't say I've seen anything personally." When asked how recent this was, I was told "we used to talk about it on the late shift pre-covid, so in the last few years." Jonathan soon provided more information which he gleaned from his colleagues; "... Ian, the PW weatherman says he heard children screaming in a corridor near where he used to present the weather. The bit of the building he was working in was built in the 1980s on the site of a now-demolished orphanage on Whiteladies Road. He was so concerned he called security out. Also one of our tech operators saw a person standing at the top of a stairwell where the old building meets the TV studios and again called security out. Both of these happened within the last 5 or so years so I'd say that's fairly recent enough."

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