Fulham Palace

A multitude of ghosts haunt this building, the most famous one being Bishop Bonner, who persecuted and tortured Protestants and heretics during Tudor times. He is said to walk the corridors and some have seen a figure walking across the Great Hall, before vanishing into a wall. Other people in the building have heard music issuing from the chapel when it is locked.

Update 30/7/21: Business support officer Alice Wolvey said that they have not had any reports in the last few years, but did provide a list that they had compiled for a ghost tour in the autumn, but some were reported "quite a while ago." The ghosts include a Victorian woman, Bishop Bonner, a Tudor man and an unknown bishop. In the Victorian chapel, footsteps, a door slamming shut and music being played while the entire palace was empty have been experienced; in the cafe (Bishop Howley's drawing room), shutters had been opened after lock-up, a corridor was described as "icy" and filled people with dread, and a woman who was seen to enter the small Breakfast Room was found to have disappeared when staff went to take her order. In the Great Hall, the double corridor doors opened by themselves, and there is the mention that "someone [was] trying to get in from the big doors". Additionally, tobacco smoke has been smelt, and a tudor man was seen pulling up his stockings and disappearing through the hidden door. People who were at a display case describing Frances' (Bishop Lowth's daughter) death in the Porteus Library suddenly felt cold. On the site, a woman in a long flowing dress was seen at closing time - the security guard told her to leave and she said it was her home. In Bishop Sherlock's room, faces have been seen at the window when there was no one outside. There has also been the smell of candle smoke. There have been stories of phantom people going up and down the servants stairs and the sensation of feeling very cold. In the main museum room, there have been the odours of fish and tobacco. Alice also provided a YouTube link which featured an interview with Steve Bevan, the senior site manager who was present during restoration work in 2019. While walking down a corridor he felt that someone was there and glanced towards the fireplace where he saw a white figure. When he turned the light on, the figure walked through him, leaving him feeling cold. When he and his colleagues re-entered the room, it smelt of fish - - the room had been used in the past for cooking.

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