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Cardiff Castle

The 2nd Marquess of Bute haunts this castle (it is said that he walks through the library fireplace, and then passes through a wall into a corridor and then to the room where he died), as does a young woman in a long gown - reports say that she has no face and is known as Sarah. Another story is that a 3 metre tall giant walks around the park. The driveway is the haunt of a spectral coach and horses which has been both seen and heard; some legends say that when this phantom carriage is heard, a member of the Hastings family is due to due. It is also reported that, at 3.45am, heavy doors open and shut and the lights flicker.

Update 2/7/21: Rachel Griffiths, the Business Support Administrator informs me that, "Unfortunately we have no new reports of Ghost sightings or other phenomena at Cardiff Castle."

Link: Wales Online

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