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The Ostrich Inn

Bumps, sighs and other noises heard here have been attributed to the activities of a c.14th Century landlord named Jarman who would provide wealthy visitors with sufficient alcohol to send them into a drunken stupour. Once they had retired for the night, he would send their unconscious bodies to their doom in a vat of boiling fat and then steal their belongings. His murderous spree ended when a potential victim was not as comatose as Jarman had hoped and he and his wife were executed. There are also stories of a lady who looks as if she is from the Victorian era (perhaps Mrs Jarman?) being seen in the upstairs corridor, candles in the function room re-igniting and taps turning on and off in the upstairs ladies toilets too.

Ghost researcher MJ Wayland notes on his website that the accounts of the murders come from a novel and not established history - indeed, the rest of the book is a work of fiction. Wayland also notes that according to the book the killings ended when a donkey belonging to the last victim, Thomas Cole, was found afterwards without its owner and this alerted the locals, the contraption that plummeted unwary souls into the vat of boiling water (or fat) soon being discovered. The book also says that the King ordered that the building be burned to the ground - which doesn't match 'The Ostrich' at all! The above information is retained on this site for information only - and does not detract from the other sightings in the inn.

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