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Kensington Palace

The ghost of King George II is said to be seen looking at a weather vane and muttering "Why don't they come?" or "Has the wind changed?" During his life he wished he could return to Hanover and spent a long time staring at the vane hoping that favourable winds would bring ships to England bearing news from his home. A spectral man in breeches has also been reported and the room that Queen Mary II died is said to be haunted. The creaking sound of a spinning wheel has also been heard, said to be the one used by Princess Sophia; and in the 1970s, a housekeeper saw a woman wearing clothing of Sophia's era in the drawing room. Another phantom is a young male, said to be Peter the Wild Boy. He was a feral child who was found in the woods near Hamelin and by George I and allowed to live here as a "human pet"; he died in Hertfordshire, though! Staff were once awakened by a scream inside the apartments, but there was no source for the noise.

Update 14/3/22: Pooja Makwana, Customer Service Advisor advised me, "We are not aware of any reports that might have been made about hauntings at Kensington Palace in recent years"

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