Burlington Arcade

A poltergeist, nicknamed "Percy" has been inhabiting the arcade since 1953; in that year, the "Unicorn Leather Company" would find its display of briefcases and handbags rearranged into a semi-circle. Another early report comes from a young boy who accompanied his grandmother while she cleaned the premises. She would sometimes find her items messed up and blamed the child, giving him a clout behind the ear! Percy seems to be based in units 41 and 42, and once sent a handbag flying when visitors were chatting with a member of staff about ghosts; apparently this happened quite a lot. There would appear to be other ghosts in the building but Percy is the most famous.

Update 3/3/22: I emailed the Arcade and Mark Lord, the source of the information above replied. He is the Head Beadle, who are thought of as a small "police force" and he told me:
We have had no reported incidents within the last 4/5 years, but I can run through a few of the ones that have taken place in my nearly 20 years working at the Burlington arcade.
Units 12 & 13 Items being moved about overnight.
Units 22 & 23 A lady in a Victorian white dress walking down the stairs holding a tray, also a skip lorry driver came to tell us that as a child his nan would bring him to this unit when she cleaned it and he would get in trouble with her for moving things and making a mess and opening drawers that he did not do.
Units 41 & 42 Percy’s hang out cupboards opening items in displays being moved.
Units 54 & 55 Make-up being used, furniture being in a different location in the mornings.
Units 58 & 59 Display items being moved a footprint’s on the polished wood floor.
I also once had a colleague who refused to go into the basement of unit 6 has he felt a pressure in his head whenever he did so, he always said he felt the presence of spirts in the basement.

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