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Farringdon Tube Station

A young girl is said to haunt the station, and there are mentions of screams as the last trains leave at night; this is blamed on the executions that used to take place nearby. Another story is that in 1758 Anne Naylor and her sister, being orphans, were living in a workhouse, and when she was 12 the girls were sent to work as apprentices at the Bruton Street millinery shop of Sarah Metyard and her daughter Sally. The Metyards beat, tortuted and starved their new charges, and despite repeated escape attempts, Anne was always recaptured. On the last occasion she was tied to a door as an example to others who had pondered escape. Her posture meant that she couldn't lie or sit down and after three days without food, she died. The Metyards were said to have been "terrified" to report her death and chopped Anne's body up, and tried to burn it in the fireplace. When this failed due to the smell, they dumped the body pieces in an open sewer in Chick Lane (now West Street), although some say it was actually the River Fleet. All the time, the Metyards kept up the pretence that Anne was alive and were taking her food and water. Four years later, Sally confessed after she and her mother had had an argument. The Metyards were sentenced to hang, and as "additional punishment" it was ruled that they should be dissected after death. Sarah was hanged while unconscious as she had collapsed when taken to the gallows. Some versions of the tale say that Farringdon station stands on the site where Anne's body was dumped, hence the screams, while others say that the demolished house where Anne died once occupied the site. Stories exist of the smell of burning flesh being detected here, too.

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