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Wyvern Theatre

A haunted lift that moves up and down by itself, the sound of someone running in the admin area, and black figures around the stage and auditorium have been noted.

Update 11/1/22: I sent a message via Facebook to the theatre asking if they had experienced anything recently and was told by Emily, the Marketing and Promotions Assistant: "Due to Covid, we do not have any new or recent reports / sightings of ghostly behaviour in our venue. However this does not suggest that we are not haunted - we have had a few stories in the past but are yet to be found out if true or not." When I inquired about these stories, I was told, "Unfortunately I do not know the exact details but most of the stories reference a figure in black. These sightings have been in the bar area and across the stage, when the theatre is empty" and these stories date from about five years ago, she thinks.

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