The Crooked Billet

A highwayman who was hanged from a nearby oak tree is said to haunt the pub and the area occasionally.

Update 25/6/21: Francis Green replied to my email inquiring about recent events, saying ,"yes we had quite a few strange happenings here, But really nothing of great significance. When we came here some 35 years ago we had a few frights ie banging on doors, footsteps upstairs etc but then one of our customers who was a medium and after listening to our stories she told us "not to worry from what you have told me it’s a friendly ghost it means no harm and if you want it to stop playing tricks on you then after something has happened you must say in a loud voice oh that silly ghost does it think its scaring me", and that’s exactly what we did and true enough the banging on doors and footsteps stopped. So, since then not too much has occurred."

Bucks Free Press

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