Mounton Brook Lodge

When this was "The New Inn", the landlady took a holiday and the relief manager found cutlery arranged in an arrow pointing towards the door one morning, which she took as a hint to leave! In the part of the building that was the pub, the pub's dog would growled a door - the landlady would say that 2.45am was the time that things happen but she never investigated what the dog could sense. In the landlady's daughter's room, a spectral woman with long black hair and a black dress was seen. She was "hovering" - as if the floor level had been altered. It is not known if these phenomena persist.

Update 6/8/13: Charlotte Hayes puts the reputation of "The New Inn" down to it being an old, damp, run down building. She and her family have lived in the building for 3 years whilst doing renovation works and never experienced anything strange; this includes her pets.

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