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Owlpen Manor

The oldest part of the house, the East Wing, and the Great Hall is the haunt of a "Grey Lady"; it is said that she is Queen Margaret, the wife of King Henry VI. The Great Chamber is haunted by Margaret of Anjou, King Henry VI's wife, who stayed here in 1741. She has been seen chatting with invisible companions, walking through furniture and reclining on an unseen chair. She is usually seen on May 4th, the anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury when she stopped here. Occultist Thomas Daunt who lived here is also a resident ghost, as is a monk dressed in black (and said to be almost 7 feet tall!) in the East Wing and a man in a red coat walking up a long-gone staircase. A cheerful young child with blonde hair has also been heard laughing as she runs up and down the back staircase - she has been blamed for people's items being moved in their rooms during the night. Her face may be the one peering through an upstairs window and she may be have been captured in a photograph. There is also a "tall, elegant woman" in the oak room and a woman in a cape in the grounds.

Update 15/11/21: The staff at the manor replied to my Facebook query; "Sadly we have reports of this all the time. Once they are here, they don't tend to leave Owlpen Manor although sightings are calmer after we have the house blessed, which has not happened in a long time"

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