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Berkeley Castle

The agonised shouts, cries and screams that echo here are said to be the spectral remnants of King Edward II. He had been deposed by his wife and her lover and was held prisoner in the castle. After an unsuccessful escape attempt (and the feeling amongst some in the populace that Edward might have been better disposed towards running the Kingdom), his gaolers were ordered to kill Edward, who rammed a red hot poker up his rectum to ensure that no marks were left on the body. His screams of agony are said to be heard on the anniversary of his murder, September 21st. However, it should be noted that there is some controversy over this tale! With regards to ghosts, witnesses claimed that they saw a spectral door open in the wall and a congregation of two monks and soldiers with a cart pulling a flag-draped coffin appear. At other times, howling dogs have been heard inside the walls. In the great hall, a white lady has been seen going up the staircase to the gallery while in the old chapel, a cowled monk or priest was seen to walk through a door. In the bailey, three ladies in Victorian clothing were seen seated on a stone bench.

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